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What are Day Passes in Murcia?

Day Pass Murcia : Incredible growth in demand from Murcia residents

All Inclusive Daypass Murcia

Everything is Advantages...

Enjoy incredible facilities both in hotels and spas in Murcia…

Day Passes in Murcia are your opportunity to access the best wellness centers and hotels whether you come alone or as a couple.

And that’s not to mention the children, since there is no day more appetizing for them than spending it in the kitchen of a hotel with the family and enjoying a formula with lunch included …and devouring that buffet!

Day Pass Murcia Hotels

The Best Day Pass and Brunch at the Best Hotels in Murcia…. at the Best Price!

Family Day Pass

Day Pass with Lunch

Day Pass with Breakfast

Day Pass with Pool

Day Pass with Spa

Day Pass with Brunch

Day Pass with Balinese Bed

Day Pass with Massage

Murcia Day Pass for Residents

Always check the proposed Day Pass and Brunches prices for Murcian residents as some hotels may offer additional discounts to locals.

More and more Murcianos are enjoying this type of luxury offered by the best hotels in the province without spending what would be the cost of a “full” hotel stay. Dare to enjoy!

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